How to Make Spiced Cold Brew Coffee – Our Guide

Nothing beats a cup of sweet, cold brew coffee on a hot afternoon. However, a spiced-up cold brew might actually change that fact. Whoever says spiced lattes are only for the fall season clearly has never heard of spiced cold brew. If you have never tried cinnamon cold brew before, then today is finally the day that you will learn how to make one for yourself!


Spices for Your Cold Brew Coffee

Spices are an amazing way to add a little boost of flavor to your coffee. Chicory, cacao nibs, and cinnamon are some great choices to start with. There is a wide variety of recipes that you can try out with these ingredients. If you want an extra zing to your cup of plain cold brew, you can add two teaspoons of ground cinnamon for every 100 grams of ground coffee, and top it off with three cups of water. This will make a concentrated coffee that can be diluted with ice, water, or milk, depending on your taste. 

There are quite a few variations of cinnamon, and you should try different things to see which one is your favorite. Apart from cinnamon, this ratio will also work well with almost any spice. Cardamom is another amazing choice to try out. Just be sure to cut the amount down to about half a teaspoon if your palate runs spicy. If you are looking for something spicier, combine cinnamon and cayenne for a sweet and spicy cold brew coffee. 


How to Make Cinnamon Cold Brew

When adding spices to your cold brew, make sure that you always start with a small batch. For this recipe, you will need 100 g of medium-coarse ground coffee, 705 ml of cool water (3 cups), 5 g of ground cinnamon (2 teaspoons), and a French press or any other brewing device of your choice. 

The first step is to add coffee to your French press, then mix in the spices and stir well. Add around one-third of the water into the grounds. Let it sit for around thirty seconds before stirring strenuously to break apart any spice clumps that may occur. Then, pour the rest of the water and stir again. Set the lid on top, but do not press just yet. Put it either in the refrigerator or countertop, keeping it away from light and heat. If you are using a jar or other bag methods, close the top or bag and set it aside. Wait for around fourteen to twenty-four hours before getting it out.

Slowly plunge the press and allow the mixture to settle. If using a bag method, you can set it on top of a strainer to drain above the jar for around half an hour. You can also squeeze the bag, but keep in mind that it may lead to sediment in your drink. After that, store your cold brew concentrate in a tightly sealed container to keep the air from seeping inside, and put it in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. Note that spices can bring down the overall shelf life of your normal cold brew by a week.

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