The Healthier Coffee: Top 4 Benefits of Cold Brew

For any coffee lover, brewing, mixing, and drinking coffee seems to be a no-brainer. The moment you wake up in the morning, you put coffee and water in the coffee maker. After that, you simply have to wait a few moments for your aromatic brew to finish dripping into the pot. It’s rather straightforward and uncomplicated, don’t you think? 

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of drinking coffee as well as its disadvantages. True enough, you know coffee like any other coffee drinker in the world.

Then, here comes what is known as the cold brew. When it first came to be, people were puzzled. How can you “cold brew” coffee? Is that even real coffee?

By now, you already know that cold brew coffee is indeed a thing. However, it’s also possible that you’re still skeptical about it. There’s no way that it could beat a traditional hot brew, right?

The truth is that cold brew isn’t here to compete with your morning steaming cuppa. However, if you give it a chance, it might prove to be as beneficial as your good ol’ hot coffee, or even more so! Read on to learn more about the benefits of cold brew coffee.


Cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee.

Coffee beans are steeped overnight to make a cold brew. Because of this process, the coffee-to-water ratio is rated at 1:60, which is higher than the usual coffee’s ratio that is at 1:20. Yes, that’s much more caffeine!

It would help if you remembered, though, that certain factors and variables may affect caffeine concentration. These include:

The type of coffee beans used

The total steeping time

How much water, cream, or milk is used to dilute the brew


Cold brew can help in weight loss.

Because of its higher caffeine content, cold brew coffee can help you get a higher post-workout energy expenditure when you drink a cup after a workout. Post-workout energy expenditure or after-burn effect refers to the body’s ability to continue burning calories or energy even after exercise. While regular coffee gives the same effect, cold brew can potentially increase the impact because of its higher caffeine ratio.


Cold brew can make you more productive and smarter.

Caffeine is known to increase blood flow to the brain, helping to boost cognitive function. Since cold brew has more caffeine than regular coffee, the effects will be even more pronounced! Research from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging states that bioactive compounds in coffee can help reduce cognitive deficits and improve motor function. A higher dose of caffeine will make for an even more significant brain boost.


Cold brew is better for people with hyperacidity and stomach sensitivities.

Because heat is not used when making cold brew coffee, the final result tends to be smoother in taste and less acidic. Therefore, if you suffer from hyper-acidity or acid reflux yet you can’t fully let go of drinking coffee, cold brew may be the next best thing you discover. What’s more, because cold brew tends to be less bitter, you should be able to try the stronger varieties that you used to take a pass on.

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