Here’s Why Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Is Less Acidic Than Regular Coffee

Nitro cold brew coffee was only discovered a few years back but it has quickly reached peak popularity. People are shifting from hot brew coffee to cold alternatives because of many reasons. Some find it tastier and richer than regular coffee, others swear it is better for their health.

One of the biggest advantages of nitro cold brew coffee is that it is far less acidic than its hot counterpart. You’re probably wondering how is that possible? How is coffee less acidic by just changing the temperatures it is brewed at? 

We’ll try to explain why.

Temperature Changes Many Things in Coffee

The age-old technique of brewing coffee has always been raising the temperature of the water and adding ground coffee to accelerate the brewing process. Sure, turning up the temperature of the water does accelerate the process, but the heat also makes the coffee far more acidic. 

Exposing coffee grounds to hot water basically releases oils from the grounds that cannot dissolve in lower temperature water. These oils are full of acidic compounds and when water and coffee grounds are heated together, these compounds dissolve in the mixture. This is why hot coffee tastes bitter than cold brew coffee. 

In fact, a study done by Todd Simpson found that cold-brewed coffee is 67% less acidic than its hot brewed counterpart. 

Why Drink Less Acidic Coffee?

Acidity in coffee is one of the key components of how coffee tastes. The level of acidity significantly changes how the coffee will taste. Typically, the more acidity, the bitter taste of coffee becomes. 

Since acid is also bad for your stomach and mouth in general, it is always a good idea to drink coffee that is less acidic. All hot brewed coffee has some degree of acidity in them, thus if you have frequent stomach problems due to acidity, then avoiding hot brewed coffee is a good idea.

But as a coffee junkie, can you really begin your day without coffee? Quite possibly, not.

This is why you should shift to cold brew coffee instead.

When coffee is cold brewed, the acidic oils released from the coffee grounds do not completely get dissolved in the water, giving you a brew that is less acidic and bitter. This is the reason why so many people prefer a cold brew instead of hot brew. The cold brew coffee taste is simply richer and tastier than hot brewed coffee. 

Is Nitro Brew Coffee Better Than Regular Cold Brew Coffee?

Now that you are aware of how acidity levels of coffee can affect its taste, you may be finally thinking of giving cold brew coffee a shot. There are many methods of making a cold brew, but the two most popular are regular cold brew and nitro cold brew.

Although the benefits of cold brew coffee remain the same across all methods, the main difference is the texture of the coffee itself. Nitrogen cold brew will always give you a super-smooth, rich body with a foamy top which looks and feels a lot like draught beer. 

At 7coldbrew, we use only premium coffee which is steeped for 21 hours (almost 12 hours extra!) to give it perfection. This is why our nitrogen cold brew coffee is richer and tastier than most other nitro cold brew coffee in San Diego, CA. 

We also deliver nitrogen cold brew coffee to your home or office. And if you want to test our blends, contact us or visit our office in San Diego

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