Here’s Why You Won’t Regret Drinking French Press Cold Brew

For many people, coffee is a warm concoction they drink to keep themselves awake. They drink coffee to keep their eyes open in the early hours of the morning as they cram their studies or work, while others drink warm coffee to feel good in the morning. 

However, coffee doesn’t always have to be drunk hot. There’s cold brew coffee you can try for a change. If you don’t want the scalding heat of warm coffee, then nitro cold brew is your best alternative. You can add sugar or keep it sugar-free. 

The refreshing vibe that cold brew coffees give makes them enjoyable any time of the day, especially during the summer. If you don’t drink coffee, then you don’t know what you are missing. Here are four reasons why you should try iced coffee even if you’re not much of a coffee drinker.

Less acid burn

It’s not only the heat of coffee that can irritate your lips and throat. Researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have determined that hot brew methods tend to produce more acids than cold brewing, which can result in acid reflux.   

The findings are unsurprising considering how higher temperatures tend to break down more hydrogen ions from the organic compounds that form coffee. The acidic hydrogen ions are the reason some people feel that their throat and chest feel irritated when drinking warm coffee. On the other hand, cold brew coffee is produced at room temperature with cold water, so you have fewer hydrogen ions moving around the drink. 

Mood Lifting Benefits

The caffeine in the nitro cold brew is shown to improve the state of your mind. A lot of research suggests that caffeine can be used as a nutritional supplement to boost one’s mood and brain function, especially in older adults. 

Caffeine can also help a person to react to an object moving towards him faster, indicating that it plays an important part in increasing the focus and attentiveness of an individual. 

Seamless taste trip

Because cold brew coffee is made in lower temperatures, the bitter compounds inherently found in coarsely ground coffee are mostly left undisturbed.  

High temperatures break down these otherwise inert bitter compounds, which contributes to the sharp, bitter taste that some people don’t like about coffee. With cold brew coffee, however, you will not taste any sudden spikes of bitterness. The temperatures of cold brew processing produce a low amount of bitter organic compounds, which only gives a subtle, mild hint of bitterness. 

Cold-brew processing would also involve the caramelization of sugars found in the coffee bean itself, which contributes to its natural sweetness. The oils in coffee that could have been cooked in hot water with high temperatures would also seep into the mix. The result is a full-bodied sweetness and mild bitterness that produces the creamy, exquisite flavor known of cold brew.

Fewer calories

Because of its creaminess and sweetness, there is no need to use too many sweeteners or cream. These additives in hot coffee add to the calorie level of that drink. However, with a cold brew coffee, you can make a sip guilt-free while enjoying the moment.

Since nitro brewed coffee has the same amount of caffeine as any other coffee you find from a coffee shop, you’ll get the same weight loss benefits by drinking cold brew. Caffeine is known to increase your metabolic rate by up to 11%. 

Easy to Brew

If you’re a coffee junkie and love to drink it all the time at home, then cold brewing might really interest you. Brewing nitrogen cold coffee at home is very easy. You don’t have to worry about various coffee types, playing with the temperature or coffee grounds, it’s more like ‘set and forget’. 

All you need is a nitro cold brew keg to brew nitrogen coffee, it’s that simple. At 7-Cold-Brew, we have long-lasting nitro kegs with affordable subscription plans. The best thing about cold brew coffee is that once you brew it, you can keep it with you for an entire week. So there’s no need to brew fresh coffee every single day. 


Those who are often on the go would find cold brews convenient. When you continually worried about spilling your hot coffee, you don’t have to worry about such things with cold brew. If you spill your cold brew, it won’t burn the skin, although nearby papers or clothes would still get wet.

Producing nitro brew coffee is also easier, there are no hot coffee filters involved, so the chance of creating a mess is less.  

Looking for a new cold brew to try? Try out 7 Cold Brew today for a modern, refreshing twist on a popular drink. We produce our coffee with the finest cold brew concentrate which is slowly steeped just short of 24 hours, instead of the typical 12 hours time.

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