5 Simple at Home Recipes to Try With Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold-brew is an extremely versatile type of coffee, giving you the flexibility to make various dessert and beverage recipes with it. Aside from iced coffee, you can make the most out of your cold brew concentrate by mixing it with other beverages, or with your favorite desserts. Here are some fun ways to make coffee drinks and desserts using cold brew concentrate. 

Make a classic iced coffee drink  

Let’s start with the obvious—iced coffee. It’s the simplest, most basic drink you can do with cold brew concentrate. Put a few ounces of the Original Seven cold Brew nitro coffee concentrate in a glass, add cold water and ice, and you have a refreshing, smooth iced coffee. Add chocolate syrup or cream to make it sweeter. 

Make it a warm coffee drink 

You may not be aware, but you can actually make hot coffee with cold brew concentrate. It’s an easier way to have warm coffee every morning if you’re often short of time. It takes less time to prepare than making a fresh brew of coffee every day. 

Put a couple of ounces of cold brew concentrate made with our Caramel flavor nitrogen coffee in a mug, pour hot water, and you’ll have yourself a warm caramel coffee drink. If you like coffee hot, you can increase the temperature of the water without altering the taste too much. That’s the magic of cold brew! 

Just keep in mind, you may not like the taste of hot-cold brew if you’re accustomed to bitter coffee because it’s 66 percent less bitter than regular hot coffee. Instead, the hot-cold brew is smooth, sweet and rich of flavor. 

Turn it into a soda drink 

When you’re looking for another exciting drink containing some of your favorite nitro brew coffee, you may want to try a cold brew soda. Start by mixing two ounces of cold brew concentrate made with our vanilla flavor, eight ounces of soda water, one ounce of simple syrup, and ice. You can use other flavor syrups to alter the taste, add fresh mint leaves, or squeeze fresh lemon juice. You can be as creative as you want, and enjoy the drink outside when the weather is warm. 

Make coffee mocktails 

Looking for an even more fun drink that you can make with cold brew? Try cold brew mocktails. Mix cold brew concentrate with other cocktail ingredients and add some ice. You can make a cold brew sour by mixing cold brew with lemon, syrup, and lemon twist garnish.

You can also try coffee mint julep, which is a cold brew with fresh mint leaves, syrup, and crushed ice. 

Add some spirit for coffee cocktails 

Need a little alcohol fix? You may want to add some spirit to your drinks. Coffee cocktails are getting more popular, and you can find lots of cold brew coffee cocktail recipes on the internet.

How does coffee brew martini sounds? Mix the cold brew concentrate with simple syrup, vodka, coffee liqueur, and add few coffee beans as a garnish, and you’re done. We highly recommend trying cocktails with our original camo-edition flavor.

Molasses Tiramisu

If you love Tiramisu, you’re probably aware that the classic dessert is made with ladyfingers soaked in a hot coffee before they are layered between the mascarpone cream. If you’re looking for a caffeinated version of the dessert, we highly recommend you dip the ladyfingers into one of our nitro cold brew coffee concentrates. You’ll love this twist on the classic dessert!

Espresso Truffles

There is no denying when coffee meets chocolate, the results are often heavenly. Our Chocolate nitro cold brew coffee tastes great on its own, but did you know that you can use it to make espresso truffles as well?

Simply use cold brew concentrated instead of coffee liqueur for a darker and richer chocolate truffle with a nice hint of cold brew coffee. We guarantee once you get a taste of these truffles, you’ll never want to go back to the traditional recipe!


With a range of drinks that you can make with cold brew concentrate, it is no wonder that many people, especially coffee lovers, are falling in love with it. Think a little outside the box and bring out your creative side to create more exciting and fun coffee drinks.

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