Is Nitro Cold Coffee in a Can Better Than Regular Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Brew Coffee was only introduced a couple of years back and it has already become quite popular. The taste, texture, and the benefits of drinking nitro cold brew has won fans around the world.

The drink that started at upscale coffee cafes is now also available in cans. But the question is, is nitro cold coffee in a can better than regular nitro coffee you get at coffee cafes? At 7coldbrew, we believe yes, it is better. 

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for canned nitro brew coffee instead of going for regular coffee. 

Its Cheaper than Cafe Produced Nitro Coffee

  • One of the biggest reasons why people avoid drinking nitrogen-infused coffee at upscale cafes is because this drink is expensive. A regular cup of nitro brewed coffee can cost anywhere from $8-$12. 

But if you get it in a can, you can buy it for only $5 a can. All of our canned cold brew coffee starts at $5

Easier to Store

Just like any other canned beverage, nitro cold brew in a can is easier to store and manage. Just buy a pack of cans and store them in your refrigerator just like a can of beer or soda. 

The best thing is that you can take nitro brew cans anywhere you want to. Just store them in a compact chiller and take it with you on your travels.

It Tastes Better

  • When you buy nitro coffee from upscale coffee shops, you don’t get the best taste. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know that taste matters a lot.

At 7coldbrew, we use a special technique known as rise brewing which takes time. This method steeps the coffee for 21 hours as opposed to coffee shops who only steep the coffee for 12 hours.

  • The results? It tastes naturally sweet and better with a creamy head similar to a Guinness. 

Moreover, 7coldbrew nitro coffee is made from coffee beans locally roasted in San Diego California. Every one of our small batches is handcrafted, never heated, and always chilled. 

Ready to Drink

  • In this fast-moving society, sometimes all you need is a quick coffee fix to meet the daily challenges.

Having to walk to a coffee store and waiting in a long queue just to get yourself a regular cup of expensive nitro coffee can be a mood killer.

  • Nitrogen coffee cans are easy to store and are ready to drink. Just open the can, pour inside a glass or cup, or drink directly.

You can even store the coffee can in your refrigerator and drink it whenever you want to. 

It’s Easily Available

One of the best things about canned nitro brew coffee is that you can easily grab it from a grocery store near you. If that isn’t a viable option, you can also have cans delivered to your home or office.

7coldbrew offers free shipping on all our cans. Choose from 5 different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, original, original camo and or Caramel

Can’t decide on a flavor? Try our Variety Pack.  

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