Iced Coffee Vs Nitro Brew Coffee – What’s the Difference?

Coffee is a very popular beverage. Millions drink it every morning to start their day and some even drink it throughout the day to keep themselves focused.

While some people love the taste of coffee, others detest their bitter taste. The truth is simple, whether it is hot or cold, coffee is an acidic beverage that a lot of researchers say is harsh for your body and teeth. 

The worst part, if you have a sensitive stomach or susceptible to heartburn, coffee may not be the best beverage for you to drink. So how do you get your daily caffeine fix if you can’t even drink a hot cup of coffee? 

Thankfully, there are alternatives like cold brew coffee and nitro brew cold coffee, both of which are less acidic and bitter-tasting than their hot counterparts

So if both are the same, what is the main difference between nitro cold brew and iced coffee? Let’s take a closer look.

How is Nitro Brew Different From Regular Cold Brew Coffee

  • At first glance, both iced coffee and nitro brew look the same. But as you dig deeper, you’ll start realizing the differences.

Both the coffees share the same brewing process, but what makes them different from each other is how they are stored.

Cold brew coffee is often bottled where the nitro cold brew is often kept within a kegerator.

  • From there on, cold brew can be infused with nitrogen to give it a smoother and thicker body that closely resembles a Guinness. 

How is Cold Brew Different from Iced Coffee

  • Cold-brew is not only less acidic, but it is also a stronger and smoother alternative to a regular cup of coffee that you find at most coffee shops.

This is because cold brew is brewed for much longer (at least 21-24 hours) at room temperature than iced coffee.

  • The process enables cold brew to conserve a higher concentration of caffeine, almost up to one and a half and some times double strength of what iced coffee contains. 

Moreover, cold brew has a robust flavor that does not taste bitter. So if you ever want to have coffee without acid reflux, you may want to try cold brew or nitro brew coffee.

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How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

  • The process of making cold brew coffee is quite lengthy. Some companies that produce cold brew keep brewing the coffee for up to 24 hours in cool water for the best taste and strength. At 7coldbrew, we brew our nitro cold coffee for 21 hours for a premium taste.

Once the liquid is extracted, the coffee is then put in a cold place. The process ensures that the cool temperature is maintained from the very start to the finish of the brewing process. This results in a far less acidic beverage. 

  • And the longer the brewing process is, the more desirable taste the coffee takes on. While regular coffee is brewed hot, making it lose caffeine content and turn acidic and bitter.

Why is Nitro Cold Brew Better than Regular Cold Brew?

  • Nitro cold brew coffee is made from the same coffee grounds and follows the exact same brewing process of regular cold brew coffee. However, the main difference is how the coffee is served.

Iced coffee is served over ice, while nitro cold brew comes directly out of a keg super chilled and with a rich and smooth texture that feels like a Guinness. 

  • When nitrogen is infused with coffee, the tiny bubbles of nitrogen create a very smooth and velvety foam on the top of the cup, glass, or mug. 

Nitro cold coffee can also be mixed with a lot of different flavors. Our own nitro cold brew is available in 5 different flavors ranging from chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and more. 

Nitro cold brew coffee is best experienced in a chilled can. The canned form allows the coffee to stay afresh for a very long time. It is also easily storable and ideal for taking with you while you travel. 

The best thing is that nitro brew cold cans are available at many grocery stores as well as shipped Free to your home. 

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