How Does Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Taste?

It’s really hard to resist the refreshing taste of a cold brew coffee, especially if you love having coffee every day. Cold brew coffee is best known for its smooth and mild texture with low acid and sweeter taste.

Cold brewing the coffee is the perfect way to bring the best flavor of coffee beans but if you really want to take it a step further, infuse a little nitro and you have something that tastes heavenly.

Nitro Cold brew is made from the same coffee grounds and follows the same brew process of the cold coffee. What makes it different is the fact that it has a richer and smoother texture and sweeter taste thanks to nitrogen.

If you’ve never tasted nitro cold brew coffee, then you’re missing out on a lot. It is by far the best version of coffee since its less acidic and beneficial to your health. Moreover, it tastes sweeter than most of its counterparts.

We invite you to test 7coldbrew coffee to see for yourself why the world has fallen in love with this specialty coffee. 

What Makes Seven Cold Brew Special?

  • Seven Cold Brew coffee is special because it is made from carefully selected beans here in San Diego. The coffee blend is specifically crafted at our location to be served cold, rich with naturally sweet flavor created during the cold brew process.

Once the cold brew process is completed, we infuse this heavenly blend with nitrogen gas, giving it a Guinness like texture and sweet taste. But that’s not all, we also infuse our nitro cold brew coffee with various nitro cold brew flavors ranging from chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and more.

We Steep for 21 Hours

  • One of the reasons why our coffee tastes so much better than nitro cold brew bought from coffee shops is because our brew is handcrafted and slowly steeped in small batches for 21 hours. 

This way the coffee gets better infused with nitrogen, producing a chill, velvety smooth, and naturally sweet tasting coffee with absolutely no sugar added.

Our Custom Nitro Unit

  • All cans of 7coldbrew are made with our custom nitro unit which is programmed to give you the best taste of the coffee. The unit is capable of delivering coffee that lasts long and provides a velvety smooth texture and sweeter taste.

If you’ve not tried our coffee yet, you can easily find it from these 108 locations or get it shipped to your home or office for free. 

We also provide kegerators for people who love drinking nitro cold brew coffee at home. The kegerator provides the best experience because it infuses coffee with nitrogen on the spot, making sure the brew is fresh. 

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