Five Common Questions Answered About Nitro Brew Coffee

When big-name companies introduced nitro cold brew coffee, the sales of iced coffee dramatically reduced. Cold-brewed coffee was invented in New Orleans and companies like 7 Cold Brew adapted the technique in the early days.

Coffee shops may have helped become nitro cold brew mainstream, but you can’t get the best tasting nitro brew from coffee shops. It has to be made in special ways which can only be done through unique technology. 

Despite being widely available today, there are still some people who have a lot of questions about the nitro brew. Is it any different from iced coffee and cold brew? Why is nitro coffee expensive?

We heard all those questions and here are answers to five of your most burning questions about nitro brew answered.

Is Nitro Brew Different From Iced Coffee?

  • In a simple and short answer, yes it is! Iced coffee is brewed hot and then served cold. The process involves cooling the hot coffee by pouring it on ice or putting it inside a refrigerator for a few hours before serving it to the customer.

This method has many drawbacks for example if you put the coffee in a fridge for a long period of time, it starts to taste stale. Nitro brew or cold brew is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in room temperature conditions. 

  • The coffee is steeped for at least 12 hours (we do it for 21 hours). This helps produce a coffee concentrate you can then mix with cold milk or water. But that is not all, once the cold brew is ready, it is infused with pure nitrogen gas to give its signature taste and bubbly texture that looks as good as Guinness.

Why is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Expensive?

  • The nitro coffee is expensive simply because the process takes quite long. Iced coffee can be prepared in minutes or a few hours if it isn’t already chilled. With nitro brew, you have to create a concentrate which takes 21 hours before it is ready. 

This is a tricky business and requires certain tools and machinery like a kegerator to pull off. Since there is no telling when nitro cold brew will perform well with customers since it depends a lot on the weather, coffee shops and nitro brew companies increase the price to help balance things out.

Does Nitro Brew Have More Caffeine Content?

  • It depends a lot on the person or company making the coffee, but in most cases, the content of caffeine is pretty much the same.

Cold brew coffee, which follows the identical steps of making nitro brew coffee has to be made by mixing with a higher ratio of coffee to water. Cold-brew is also cut with equal parts of milk or water which bring down the caffeine level. 

  • So in simple words, the nitro brew is typically less caffeinated than your regular cup of coffee. But then again there are a lot of factors that can change that such as the level of coffee used, the blend and how the coffee was roasted, ground and brewed.

Can you Make Nitro Brew at Home?

  • You certainly can, but you’ll require a kegerator to make 100% authentic nitro brew coffee at home. There are other ways where you can use a whipped cream canister to get the job done but you’ll not get the signature texture.

In order to get the perfect nitro brew texture and taste, you need to infuse the coffee with 100% pure nitrogen gas which is not available through a whipped cream canister. 

How Long Does Nitro Brew Concentrate Last?

If you make nitro brew at home, you are probably wondering how long can you keep the concentrate in the refrigerator before it goes back. We recommend keeping it for no more than 48 hours. 

Can You Add Flavor to Nitro Brew?

Yes! You can pretty much change the flavor of nitro brew according to what you want. We have five nitro brew flavors ranging from chocolate, caramel, original and more. There are many nitro cold brew recipes on the internet that can help you change the way nitro brew tastes at home. 

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