The Best Gas for Nitro Coffee – Beer Gas vs Pure Nitrogen

With nitro brew coffee now recognized as being one of the best ways to drink coffee, more and more people are making it at home. Whether you are buying your nitro brew from a coffee shop, or as a bottle or can in a grocery store, you have probably wondered about this more than once – what is the best gas for serving nitro brew coffee?

As you may already be familiar, nitro coffee is infused with pure nitrogen gas, but there are other gases such as CO2, beer gas, and NO2 that can be added to a coffee to give it a bubbly texture just like you see on any nitro coffee.

You may already be familiar with pure nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. All of these gases are very common in beverages, but what about beer gas? Beer gas is nothing more than a mixture of CO2 and nitrogen. It consists of 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2.

Beer gas is usually used when serving a nitrogenated style beer such as a Guinness out of a faucet. Beer gas carbonates the liquid and since there is a very tiny amount of CO2 in it, it is served at high pressure through the stout faucet or a keg without the full glass of foam.

Pure nitrogen, on the other hand, does never carbonate your liquid-like CO2, so it must be mixed with a bit of CO2 to get that amazing cascading effect that everyone loves on a glass of pure Guinness.

With that out of the way, beer gas may seem like one of the best choices when serving coffee on a draft, but it actually isn’t when you go with pure nitrogen. Here are some reasons that might convince you.

Change of Flavor

One obvious thing that you will immediately know if you use CO2 in coffee is the flavor. The CO2 massively changes the flavor of the coffee, making it bitter tasting and giving it a sticky mouthfeel.

When pure nitrogen is mixed, it is served fresh out of the faucet under high-pressure conditions which give the coffee a creamy and frothy texture and mouthfeel. 

Moreover, when coffee is exposed to pressure with CO2 in an extended time, the coffee will start to take on more carbonic acid from the gas and it will give a bitter taste. If you use beer gas, which is 75% nitrogen, you will get a cascading effect but the taste will still be different from pure nitrogen.

If you want the best tasting nitro cold brew, always mix your coffee with pure nitrogen. 7coldbrew has kegerators that come with kegs of pure nitrogen so you can always get the best-tasting nitro cold brew even when you’re home.

Carbonated/Bubbly Texture

A lot of people enjoy both nitro coffee and iced coffee on a draft. Usually, coffee shops achieve this by using the same gas with a dual body regulator. The pressure, however, is set differently for each gas but there is no need for having two kinds of kegs for 2 different coffees when you can control pressure.

In other words, if you want to serve both iced coffee and nitro coffee, the best gas choice is pure nitrogen. Using nitrogen in your iced coffee will prevent the carbonation from appearing as opposed to using beer gas or CO2. You will also never have to worry about the flavor changing.

Best Tasting Nitro Brew Coffee

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