How to Make Chocolate Nitro Brew Coffee at Home

Nearly all of us start our morning with coffee. It is the first thing we do when we get up. But for some, coffee is more than just a morning fix. A lot of people even drink a cup before making their beds or preparing to work.

When the summer hits, keeping up with a hot cup of coffee can be tough and nothing beats the heat like a giant cup of nitro brew coffee. But sometimes simple nitro brew coffee can get boring. This is why we love adding a bit of flavor to it to change things up a bit.

If your brewing nitro coffee at home, you can try a fair amount of nitro brew recipes to change the flavor and try something new every day. Today we will be looking at the chocolate nitro brew. How do you make it? How does it taste? Let’s find out.

As with all nitro brew coffee recipes, we are assuming that you already know how to make nitro brew coffee at home. If you’re not sure how to make this special coffee at home, read our guide on making nitro brew at home.

You can make nitro brew at home either by investing in a keg and kegerator, or you can try the whipped cannister method.

The chocolate nitro brew coffee has to be made a bit differently from your typical nitro brew. The process of adding chocolate flavor to nitro brew starts at the very beginning when you are making the coffee concentrate. So here is the recipe.

Nitro Cold Brew Chocolate Recipe

To make the best tasting cold coffee with chocolate at home, you need to start with the coffee concentrate. Here are the ingredients you’ll require.

  • 5 ounces of 7coldbrew high-quality coffee beans – coarsely ground recommended
  • 1 and a half tablespoon of cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 6 cups of water either at room temperature or cold
  • Cloth for straining the coffee concentrate
  • Any coffee creamer of your choice (only if you are making a cold brew instead of nitro brew)

Recipe Instructions

The process of making chocolate nitro brew coffee at home is fairly easy. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the perfect tasting coffee.

  • Take a large jug and mix the coarsely ground coffee beans and unsweetened cocoa powder. Pour in the water and stir the mixture until all the grounds are fully wet and moistened.
  • Cover the jug tightly with foil paper or saran wrap. Make sure to poke the wrap with a toothpick to allow air to get out of the jug. Place this mixture in the fridge for at least 12 hours. 7coldbrew coffee experts recommend leaving the mixture for 21 hours for best results.
  • Once the coffee is steeped, strain the coffee in a new jug. Squeeze the coffee grounds properly so all the mixture is strained. Throw the grounds away and repeat the process with the remaining mixture. You can now keep this coffee concentrate in your fridge for about 4 days.
  • When you are ready to drink, just add the coffee concentrate in a mug and use your kegerator to infuse the coffee with nitrogen. You can also use a whipped canister to get the texture but a keg is highly recommended.

Looking for Pre-Flavored Nitro Coffee in a Can?

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