5 Insanely Cool Nitro Cold Brew Facts

Nitro cold brew coffee is all the rage right now for its taste and health benefits. The coffee is made via the cold brew method which does not involve heating the coffee beans. Instead, ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

During the brewing process, the flavor, sugar, and caffeine of the beans are extracted without causing the mixture to become bitter in taste. This is because the soluble acids and oils within the beans are less likely to be released via this method. 

This is nitro cold brew coffee tastes sweeter than your regular cup of coffee. But there are other interesting things about this unique coffee that you may not know. So let us walk you through some insanely cool facts about nitro cold brew coffee.

The Caffeine Content in Nitro Brew is Higher

  • The way cold brew coffee is stepped makes it retain more caffeine content. Since the steeping process requires coffee-to-water ration of about 1:60 compared to regular coffee which has a ratio of about 1:20, the caffeine content is usually higher. 

Keeping this in mind, nitro cold brew coffee has to be consumed without milk or cream because it ruins the taste of the beverage. As far as the exact caffeine content is concerned, nitro cold brew has around 200 mg of caffeine compared to 160 mg of the caffeine of regular coffee.

No Heat is Involved

  • We already talked about this at the top of this post but just in case you missed it, nitro cold brew coffee does not require heat to make it. This is why it is such an ideal summer drink where the last thing you want is a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. 

Cold brew coffee in the summer can make you feel relaxed, chilled and refreshed thanks to the way it is made. 

You Can Have it as A Pre-Workout Drink

  • The high caffeine content in nitro cold brew coffee means that you can use it as a very reliable pre-workout drink. And if you don’t like making nitro cold brew at home every time you hit to the gym, why not get yourself a nitro cold brew coffee can?

7coldbrew has five different flavored nitro coffee to try. We even have Bub Natural’s Collagen Protein coffee which is excellent for workouts. 

Its Better for Your Stomach

  • Since nitro cold brew coffee is less acidic than your typical cup of coffee, it is great for those who have a sensitive stomach. People who love coffee but have a sensitive stomach can have many stomach related problems if they drink regular coffee more than two times a day.

Since coffee is such a good way to keep yourself focused and refreshed, why stop with just one cup of coffee every day? With nitro cold brew coffee, you have the freedom of drinking it as much as you want without upsetting your stomach.

Excellent for Weight Loss

Trying to shed a few pounds? You’ll love nitro cold brew especially if you are trying to avoid sugar. Nitro cold brew is naturally sweet which means you will not have to add any sugar into it. Adding sugar to coffee increases the calorie count of a cup up by 70 calories. 

If you love perfectly nitrogen infusion coffee served with a creamy head and iced cold at all times, then give our nitrogen coffee cans a shot. You’ll love our flavors and the accessibility that comes with pre-made nitro coffee. 

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