5 Secrets of Nitro Cold Brew No One Tells You About

It’s no secret that nitro brew coffee has become one of the most popular beverages in America. But there are some reasons behind its success that might leave you surprised. Our expert coffee specialist talks about what goes behind the scenes in creating nitro brew and its signature creamy, smooth and Guinness like texture.

It Has to be Served in a Glass

One of the biggest reasons nitro cold brew is served in a glass is because it allows the foamy texture to stay on the top of the pint glass. This gives aesthetic qualities to the drink and the gorgeous cascading effect leaves people wanting it more.

The Way it is Poured

If you’ve ever ordered nitro cold brew coffee at a coffee shop, you must have noticed that it is poured on a glass placed flat on the counter. Unlike beers, the glass has to be placed flat on the surface to make sure it gets excessive bubbles.

When beer is poured in the glass, it is poured in a titled glass because the idea behind it is to avoid excessive bubbles. Since bubbles give nitro brew coffee its signature texture, it is always poured in flat glass.

No Ice is Added

Nitro cold brew coffee is naturally chilled thanks to the fusion of nitrogen in the coffee. Adding ice or anything else to chill reduces the smooth and creamy texture of the coffee and changes the taste.

It’s Never Sweetened

Nitro brew coffee is always served unsweetened to highlight the flavor the unique brewing process brings out in the nitro coffee. If you still want your coffee sweeter than the natural taste of the nitro brew, you can get sweet cream added on the top.

Most nitro brew coffee is served without ice, cream or milk to maintain the true taste of the coffee. If you’re ever making nitro coffee at home, just make sure to avoid cream or milk for the best and true taste of this drink.

It’s Poured Using a Two-Tap System

The biggest secret behind nitro cold brew coffee is that it is poured through a two-tap kegerator system. We have these kegerators available for purchase for your home or office. The two tap system allows you to pour cold brew coffee and then infuse it with nitrogen, giving you both cold brew and nitro brew coffee.

The kegs are usually stored next to each other and you can simply press the tab to either get a cold brew or nitro cold brew coffee. 

Pre-made Nitro Coffee with Flavors

Nitro brew coffee is a groundbreaking beverage that has won hearts all over the world. Since it is typically costlier than a regular cup of coffee, a lot of people only drink it once in a while.

If you’re looking for true nitro coffee to drink at home or when you are on the go, try the canned version of the drink. We have five different flavored nitro brew coffee cans that are not only better priced but also always fresh. Try our nitro coffee cans today and have them shipped for free at your location.

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