Cold Hard Facts Around Nitro Coffee in the Winter

Do you love drinking nitro brew in the winter? A lot of people may shiver at the thought of drinking something ice cold in weather that itself is enough to chill the bones. But surprisingly, the trend of drinking iced coffee and nitro coffee in the winters is actually picking up.

In a recent survey that included 500 nitro cold brew coffee drinkers commission by 7ColdBrew said that they are drinking more nitro coffee than ever before which proves that the popularity of the nitro coffee is just as much as it is in the summers.

The popularity is picking pace on a high level that almost 50% of the survey respondents said that they actually prefer drinking nitro coffee in the winters to hot coffee, even if it is snowing like crazy out there!

So why do people drink nitro coffee in winters and what do they like about it? Here are some facts.

  • About 45% drink nitro brew coffee in winters because it gives them better energy
  • About 20% of people said that they drink nitro coffee because it finishes faster than hot coffee
  • About another 20% said that it helped them cool down (believe it or not some people have higher core temperatures)
  • Another 20% said that they love drinking coffee through a straw.
  • 50% of our respondents said that nitro coffee tastes a lot better

So who is drinking nitro brew in the winter and why are they drinking it?

  • Flavor. 90% of our respondents said they drink nitro brew in the winters because they enjoy the flavor of the brew. Nitro brew is naturally sweeter than hot coffee which makes for an excellent drink. 
  • Convenience. 50% of the respondents drink nitro brew in the winters because they don’t like holding a hot cup in their hands and they like the feeling of cold on their bare hands when they are in warm conditions within their home.

Should You Drink Nitro Coffee in the Winters?

  • Nitro cold brew really doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to temperatures. Whether it’s burning outside or snowing, the beverage will give you the same great taste and the kick you love.

In fact, nitro cold brew coffee is actually healthier than its hot counterpart. So if you are in for health, then you’ll definitely want to keep on drinking nitro brew instead of hot coffee. Since it is also not as acidic as the hot coffee, it is good for your stomach. There are several other health benefits that come with nitro brew coffee.

Don’t Like Brewing at Home?

We understand that brewing nitro coffee at home takes a little more effort than making a hot cup of your favorite coffee. This is why we recommend getting a steady supply of nitro brew flavored cans from our store.

Seven Cold Brew has 5 different flavored nitro brew coffee that is always ready to drink and fresh. Just open the can, pour it in a glass and you are ready to drink.  

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