5 Reasons Why Nitro Coffee is Profitable for Your Cafe

Summer of 2019 may have gone but that doesn’t mean the demand for nitro coffee is any less. Since summer will be approaching in the next six months, it is a good idea to invest in your cafe and start serving nitro brew coffee. 

But before you invest in a kegerator and kegs to serve nitro coffee from the tap, you need to understand what nitro coffee is. Simply put, nitrogen coffee is cold brew coffee infused with pure nitrogen gas.

The nitrogen infusion happens within the keg you get from a manufacturer such as 7ColdBrew. Nitro coffee is in demand because it has a signature texture on top of the glass that imitates a Guinness, thus attracting a lot of people who love coffee and Guinness. 

Here are some reasons why you should start serving nitro cold brew at your cafe starting today!

Easily Served

  • One of the great things about nitrogen coffee is that it does not require a lot of skill to serve on part of the barista. In fact, the barista only has to pull the tap of the kegerator and the drink is ready to serve. 

This drink can be given to customers as quickly as it comes out of the tap. This saves you a lot of time making traditional coffee with milk and cream. The customer also does not have to wait long to get their coffee and this causes them to buy nitrogen coffee more.

Nitro Brew is Highly Profitable

  • Nitro coffee is without any doubt a very profitable beverage. Coffee is usually brewed in big batches and the equipment is not expensive at all. At Seven Cold Brew, we have affordable subscription packages where you can subscribe for a number of kegs delivered to your cafe for free. 

You can use these kegs with our kegerators to serve non-stop nitro brew coffee to your customers. The process never stops.

Nitro Brew is Environmentally Friendly

  • Cafe’s all over San Diego have a problem managing their space. Traditional coffee requires a lot of space and that can make your counter very crowdy and untidy. Nitrogen coffee only needs a kegerator and a keg which is often installed in the tap machine.

You won’t have to keep bottles anywhere. Should you wish to serve your customers quicker, you can also keep nitrogen coffee cans that are available in five different flavors from 7coldbrew.

Nitro Cold Brew is Vegan-Friendly

  • Nitrogen coffee is supposed to be consumed without milk or cream because it has a naturally sweet taste. Basically, it is black coffee with a very sweet taste without milk, sugar, or cream. It is also vegan-friendly since it does not use cream or milk.

You Can Mix it Up

The best thing about nitrogen coffee is that it can be mixed with a number of other flavors and drinks to create unique cocktails. For example, at 7ColdBrew, we have mixed caramel, vanilla, chocolate and other flavors to our nitrogen coffee, giving the customer a lot more options to drink it.

You can easily mix it with several kinds of syrups and create your own unique recipe and attract a lot more new customers. 

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