You're Not Alone


How many people will a keg serve?

Each keg contains a bit more than 5 gallons of cold brew. If you have 8 ounce glasses, this is about 80 servings. If you have 12 ounce glasses, you will get about 53 servings.

Is your cold brew a concentrate?

Our product is not a concentrate. It comes out of the keg ready to drink!

Can you make hot coffee with your cold brew?
Absolutely! Cold brew is great warmed up. Just pop it in the Microwave or heat it on the stove.
How is cold brew different than iced coffee?

Cold brew is brewed below 40 degrees F for a period of 12 – 24 hrs. This keeps acid production low. Iced coffee is typically hot brewed coffee poured over ice to cool it down.

What kind of nitrogen is required?

We recommend Food Grade Nitrogen. When you get your cold brew from 7 Cold Brew, Food Grade Nitrogen is included. No need to worry about finding your own supply!